Volunteer Info

The board kindly requests that if you volunteer to help the T.L. Gilmer GKAS, that you plan on volunteering ALL DAY. Additionally, it is requested that you work in a clinical capacity of some form. Your talents are too vital to waste outside the clinic! Thank you!!

Restorative doctors are asked to please bring the following items with them:

  • Slow speed handpiece and attachments (4 hole)
  • High speed handpiece and attachments (4 hole)

It will help tremendously if you can bring the following even if you are missing some clinical supplies (below):

  • Curing light
  • Amalgam instrument sets
  • Composite instrument sets
  • Anesthetic syringes
  • Safety glasses/protective equipment for yourself and any assistant

Note: Bring 24 business cards. Cards will be placed with your instruments during sterilization.
This will ensure your instruments/cassettes are identified as yours.

Please bring your own clinical supplies.  Some extra will be available through the clinic, but do not rely on this as it may be in short supply, or might not be to your liking:

  • Preparation burs and diamonds
  • Finishing burs and diamonds for polishing materials and composites
  • Composite Shade A-1 and A-2
  • Flowable Composite Shade A-1 and A-2
  • Etchant
  • Dentin/enamel bond of your choice
  • Amalgam
  • Glass Ionomers (Fuji II and Fuji IX) and protective coat
  • Caries detectors
  • Rubber dams and molar and premolar clamps
  • Extraction forceps for primary teeth
  • Matrix bands (adult and pedo) for amalgam
  • Matrix bands for composites
  • Wedges
  • Articulating paper

Hygienists: Please bring your own eye protection. All other instruments and supplies will be provided. However, if you require special instrumentation to perform your tasks, you are welcome to bring your own. Again, any personal property will be clearly marked for your retrieval after the event.

Tips for all clinical volunteers:

  • Organize your materials ahead of time in a plastic drawer-set that will facilitate ease of transport to the clinic, and will also serve as an extra work surface next to the assistant.  If you are- or plan to be- a repeat volunteer, many non-perishable items (such as cotton rolls, etc.) can be left in the drawers (wrapped) from year to year so you have many items already packed and only need to add "high-end items" such as curing lights and handpieces, or "perishable items" such as composite or glass ionomers, at the last minute. 
  • In addition to bringing business cards to include in the sterilization packet, consider also wrapping your handpieces and other "high-end items" with colored sterilization tape.
The T.L. Gilmer GKAS clinic is held on a Friday in February, usually the week following National Give Kids a Smile Day.

The clinic is held at the Adams Co. Health Dept at 330 Vermont St., Quincy.

The clinic operates 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and children should be expected to be in the clinic for 3 hours.


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