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Nurse Information

Dear School Nurse or School Principal:

Any time is a good time to reflect on the health and well-being of our school children. Certainly you know that dental disease is the leading childhood disease, and that it causes ongoing discomfort, pain, even suffering for many young children. Dental disease can jeopardize a child's ability to eat, sleep and learn. You also know that lower income children are more than twice as likely as their more fortunate peers to suffer from untreated chronic dental disease.

With your help, Give Kids a Smile (GKAS) can help children with untreated dental disease, whose family will not, or cannot currently afford care, have a healthier, happier, more productive school year.

GKAS- Quincy will provide comprehensive dental care, at no charge, to underserved children in kindergarten through eighth grade on a referral basis from YOU, as school nurse (or administrator). If you know of a child or children who can benefit, please contact the GKAS- Quincy coordinator. If enough children can be arranged at one time, it might be possible to arrange for a bus to transport children to specific appointment locations.  In fact, we would encourage a van or bus group, to help assure that the registered children DO attend. 

Every Child Deserves a Healthy Smile

We invite you or your group to participate. As stated, groups are encouraged, as well as individual families. It is a very simple process to help a child or group of children- 5 easy steps:

  • Determine the oral health need. Children regularly seen by a dentist will not qualify.
  • Evaluate the financial need. A good rule of thumb is to look for families that are eligible for Medicaid or receive free or reduced lunch at school. However, we understand that any family may be, under some circumstances, unable or unwilling to access care. We are particularly looking for children that have no current access to care, or those you know that are not receiving any care (known due to missed school days/frequent nurse visits, etc.).
  • Share the Health History/Consent to Treatment form with the parent or guardian.
  • Register the child or children by calling the GKAS- Quincy coordinator.  This is information that you have received previously, and should have on file.
  • Complete and mail/fax the signed Health History/Consent to Treatment form for each child to our coordinator.

If you have questions, call the GKAS- Quincy coordinator.  Everyone must have a reservation (and SIGNED forms returned) in order to be treated.

If you know of any individuals or groups that might be interested in lending financial support, in order to help us continue this good work and purchase supplies, please contact us. Every contribution helps create new smiles and new beginnings for deserving children.

Effective January 1, 2020, the Give Kids a Smile- Quincy delivery format has changed.

More information about the change will be found throughout the website.


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